What is the shop environment like?

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Comfortable and friendly. Clean and safe. Every surface is wipe-able, and cleaned throughout each day. Our shop has a history of earning 100% on our health inspections, which we keep posted at the register for public viewing. We have our autoclaves tested by a 3rd party company each week. We have been voted Knoxvilles Best of the Best in both Tattooing & Piercing, as well as Knoxville’s “Most Trusted Business”.  Our jewelry showroom is personally curated in-house from the industry’s top designers and makers. Our team takes pride in our environment and the work we do. We are a fully disposable studio. We also proudly use single use equipment, biodegradable or environmentally friendly wherever possible. We buy products using recyclable packaging, and source products made in the USA whenever possible. Our products, supplies & furniture are ethically sourced, and we do our best to ensure the items we buy match our values of doing the least harm to the environment, animals or people involved in the production process.

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