6911 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN. We are about 1 mile from West Town Mall, located in a stand alone building in between Zaxbys and Arbys.

We accept Debit, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and good, old-fashioned cash!

Comfortable and friendly. Clean and safe. Every surface is wipe-able, and cleaned throughout each day. Our shop has a history of earning 100% on our health inspections, which we keep posted at the register for public viewing. We have our autoclaves tested by a 3rd party company each week. Come see why we have been voted Knoxville’s “Best of the Best” in both Tattooing & Piercing, as well as Knoxville’s “Most Trusted Business”.  Our jewelry showroom is personally curated in-house from the industry’s top designers and makers. Our team takes pride in our environment and the work we do. We are a fully disposable studio. We also proudly use single use equipment, biodegradable or environmentally friendly wherever possible. We buy products using recyclable packaging, and source products made in the USA whenever possible. Our products, supplies & furniture are ethically sourced, and we do our best to ensure the items we buy match our values of doing the least harm to the environment in the production process.

Sunday- Saturday: 11am-8pm


In the state of TN, you must be 18 years old to get tattooed. We require a valid, state issued, photo ID, driver’s license or passport.

Our insurance allows us to do select piercings on minors.  If you are 18 or older, we only require a valid, government-issued, photo ID, driver’s license or passport.

We are insured to perform Earlobe, Helix (Cartilage), Tragus, Conch, Rook, Daith, Single Forward Helix, Eyebrow, Nostril and Navel piercings on minors that are 13 years of age or older. Minors must have a parent present. We require a government issued photo ID from both the parent AND the child. If the child does not have a government issued photo ID, a birth certificate will be required in addition to a non-state issued photo ID.  The IDs must have matching last names and addresses. Acceptable forms of ID are government issued photo ID, driver’s license or passport.

We are insured to perform Earlobe piercings on those who are 6 years or older. Minors must have a parent present. We require a state issued photo ID from both the parent AND the child. The IDs must have matching last names and addresses. Acceptable forms of ID are state issued photo ID, driver’s license or passport. If the minor does not have an ID, a birth certificate will be required.

Basic piercings are a $50 piercing fee, plus the cost of the jewelry that you get to pick out! For exact jewelry pricing, please stop by for a free consultation with a piercer.  Our piercing professionals are members of the Association of Professional Piercers. They attend educational seminars throughout the country to stay current on the safest and most gentle practices. They are certified in both CPR and First-Aid which is not a requirement of their state license. Our technicians use sterile gloves for piercing procedures, along with state-of-the-art sterilization technology, and we even use the sharpest needles on the market! (Yes, in addition to having a sharper point, our needles have a silicone coating that makes them glide through your piercing faster and easier!) Our jewelry selection is curated from the best companies in the industry and guaranteed for life. We have taken every consideration to make your piercing experience go as smoothly as possible!


Our piercers are experienced in all piercings, basic to advanced. Earlobe, Ear Cartilage (helix), Rook, Daith, Conch, Snug, Tragus, Anti-Tragus, Triple Forward Helix, Industrial, Multi-point Industrial, Eyebrow, Bridge, Nostril, Septum, Philtrum, Lip, Labret, Tongue, Tongue Webbing, Nape, Surface Piercings, Surface Anchors, Nipples, Navel, Genital piercings of all kinds to include: VCH (Vertical Clitoral Hood), HCH (Horizontal Clitoral Hood), Inner Labia, Outer Labia, Triangle, Prince Albert (PA), Ampallang, Apadravya, Dydoe, Foreskin, Frenum, Lorum, Hafada, and Guiche.

YES! We have hundreds of jewelry options for you to choose from. Stop in for a free consultation with one of our skilled piercers.

Tattoo pricing will vary based on the design, location of the tattoo and amount of time that the design will take to complete. Our pricing also includes the artist’s drawing and set up time, disposable supplies, and equipment needed to complete your tattoo. To obtain a price on a tattoo, please stop by for a free consultation with one of our expert team members.

Nope. Our artists will gladly draw something special for you! We do require a small deposit in order to start your artwork. The deposit will apply towards the final cost of your tattoo.

Walk-ins are welcome, when time permits. Our artists & technicians tend to stay rather busy, so an appointment is preferred. You can book an appointment through our website: here.

Setting up an appointment is easy! Stop by our studio for a consultation with one of our customer service assistants. Appointments for consultations can be booked through our website: here. and will take priority over walk-in consultations. During the consultation, we will gather all of the details necessary to get you a price quote & help you set up an appointment with a tattooer. The small deposit required to book your consultation will apply towards your final tattoo cost. If you have an artist preference, please see their schedule (on our book now page, or on their individual pages of the website) and come in for your consultation on a day they are working. If you do not have a preference, our team of experts will set you up with the artist best suited for your needs.

  • Absolutely the best place to get a tattoo or piercing! It’s a great spa like environment and they make everyone feel welcome and relaxed. I have had a couple of piercings and want to get a couple more, Barron is wonderful and explains everything. He makes getting a piercing relaxing. Emily is one of the best tattoo artists. She listens to what you want and makes it fit your body, no matter what shape or size you are. Highly recommend Born This Way Body Arts and all of the awesome people that work there, from the office staff to the artists!

    - Jennifer E.

  • Professional employees, friendly service, and great jewelry selection!

    - Linda G

  • I went to see Tyler Bernard to get all of my facial piercings changed out with new jewelry and a new piercing. I can not recommend him enough! The quality and selection of jewelry was amazing, he was very friendly and easy to talk to! He also made the whole process easy and comfortable. I’ve been to a lot of piercers in my life, and he’s by far the best. Couldn’t be happier with my experience! Thank you again!

    - Amber Wingler

  • Although I didn’t end up getting pierced here, I want others to know the level of integrity that these people have. I came in with an idea for a piercing and was warned of possible downsides. I also asked if I would be able to sustain a new ear piercing when my work requires me to wear headphones, and they advised against it. I appreciated the honesty and I will definitely be back when it’s a better time for me to care for a piercing. Not many shops are willing to turn down money for safety ethics- super special place!

    - Bridget

  • I love BTW! The staff is very professional and nice, and the place was very clean. I’ve gotten 3 piercings from them and I’ve never had any issues!

    - Josie Holder

  • This was such a great experience. Barron did my septum piercing. I’ve had it done once before by another shop and it was terrible. I didn’t realize how terrible that experience was until I had such a fantastic one today. My nose is comfortable considering I just had a needle shoved through it. Barron was very knowledgeable and was able to make me feel as comfortable as possible. It’s pricey but 115% worth it. They jewelry is beautiful and top notch and the piercers are professional and you know you can trust you’ll get exactly what you envisioned.

    - Katrina Breeden

  • I needed new jewelry for my rooks and to have them changed. I bought rose gold loops that are very pretty. Tyler Bernard switched them out for me quickly and easily. Everyone was nice and professional. I will definitely use Born This Way for all piercing needs and will be checking them out in the next few months for a tattoo.

    - Kristi Page

  • I will always recommend Born This Way! I have been to their old location as well as this one most recently, and there is a reason why I chose to come back. Tyler did a piercing for me and was so great at helping me pick out jewelry and explaining the difference between the styles and what they’re made of. He told me step by step how he was going to do the piercing and was very informative before he began which helped calm my nerves. He was so kind and easy to talk to which made the experience so smooth and easy. They know how to have a professional environment while still being laid back and nice to everyone who comes in. I appreciate how serious they take their standards with health and safety as well, I know walking in I will have the highest quality and cleanest piercing out of any studio there is. There really is no comparison, whatever service you need Born This Way will aways rank number one to me.

    - Sarah Walker