Booking with us is easy! Just follow the links here and we will see you soon!
Due to Covid-19, the please read the following quick notes:

-Masks are required for the duration of your service.

-No one under 13 is allowed in the studio.

-Please come alone, our lobby is closed to the public at this time.


If you have an artist preference, please see the below schedule and book your consultation on a day they are working.
If you do not have a specific artist in mind, our team will match you up with an artist that fits your needs.

Please keep in mind, our artist’s appointment slots get filled quickly. When all of their remaining appointments are filled, we close their books temporarily in order to accommodate their existing multi-session projects in a timely fashion.

Jon O: Tuesday-Saturday – BOOKS CLOSED

Emily Walker-Ott0: Friday-Tuesday – BOOKS CLOSED

Ashley Henson: Monday-Friday – BOOKS CLOSED

Brett Lewis: Wednesday-Sunday – Now booking June/July, small + large projects

Caitie Brianna: Wed-Sunday – Now booking June/July, small + large projects

New Artist : COMING SOON ( Summer 2021)

If your preferred artist is currently closed for new appointments, you have the options of waiting until their books open again, or we can match you with another artist best suited for your needs.